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What is championship?

"Answer this question and we will have captured the crucial ingredient which lets the human spirit soar."

Professor Allan Snyder FRS
The Inaugural Edwin Flack Lecture
Sydney, 26 June 1998


What Makes a Champion?

- and we mean a champion in the broadest sense of the word. We see championship as a fundamental aspect of the mind, the aspect responsible for advancing civilisation. Furthermore we believe that everyone is a potential champion. This compelled us to understand the factors that nurture and amplify extraordinary achievement.

The Centre for the Mind is passionate about what makes a champion. Propelled by this motivation, the Centre for the Mind conceived the What Makes a Champion?™ initiative. This consists of several major ventures:

WMC Event 2000

WMC Event 2000
  • What Makes a Champion?
    Sydney 2000

    On the eve of the 2000 Olympic Games, at the Great Hall of the University of Sydney, Nelson Mandela led a cast of timeless champions to synergise in the common goal of unravelling the universals of great success.
    (Event 2000).

  • Videoclip

    Includes live vignettes from the event not available for distribution.


Allan Snyder & Tony Blair

Allan Snyder, Juan Samarach & Jackie Chan

  • What Makes a Champion?
    Beijing 2008

On 4-5 August 2008, just prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Tony Blair opened the second What Makes a Champion? forum, held at the prestigious Peking University.

A number of extraordinary individuals from the East and West met to discuss how culture and the society in which we live shapes our approach to championship.

This event was designated an official Olympic Cultural Event for the Beijing 2008 Games.

  • Singapore 2010

    We are delighted to announce that planning is now underway for What Makes a Young Champion? 2010, to coincide with the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. This event will be entirely focused on young champions.
  • London 2012

The success of our What Makes a Champion? events in Sydney and in Beijing has demonstrated that the Olympics is the ideal platform for the exploration of the champion mindset. We are planning a similar event for London 2012.

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What makes a Champion! 50 extraordinary individuals share their insights.