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Professor Allan Snyder


Millennium Fellow

Nelson Mandela


What Makes a Champion Distinguished Fellow

Tony Blair (2008)


Foundation Fellow

Oliver Sacks


Foundation Sponsor

News Limited


Distinguished Fellows

Sir Richard Branson
Professor Daniel Dennett
Professor VS Ramachandran
Professor Horace Barlow




“The research being undertaken by Professor Snyder … has the potential to benefit future generations by assisting them to harness their full creative capacity.”John Howard, Prime Minister 1996 - 2007  


Who We Are

A daring venture into the mind that has been mentored by creative and influential minds: Lachlan Murdoch, film icon Baz Luhrmann, Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty, national treasure Phillip Adams and corporate giants Andrew Banks and David Clarke. The Centre’s Director, Allan Snyder, is profiled in the media as “a wizard” - “epitomising the creative mind”.


Inaugural Board
Inaugural Board (left to right): Lachlan Murdoch, Professor Peter Karmel, Professor Allan Snyder, Professor Gavin Brown and Baz Luhrmann


Snyder and Mandela at WMC
Centre for the Mind International Press Conference:
Allan Snyder & Nelson Mandela


What We Do

We explore what it is to be uniquely human. We do this by investing in challenging research, by orchestrating spectacular intellectual events, and by acting as a global nexus for great minds. Our mind laboratory focuses on scientific ways to enhance creativity and to instill the champion mindset.



Ground Breaking Discoveries

Our tantalising finding that everyone possesses nonconscious skills, and that these skills can be switched on with magnetic brain stimulation, challenges conventional views about creativity. Hailed by the prestigious scientific journal Nature as offering “startling insights”, this pioneering research into creativity has captured worldwide attention. Our Penguin book What Makes A Champion! distils the universal ingredients of extraordinary success.

  Snyder and Branson
Richard Branson and Allan Snyder
  Snyder and Tony Blair
Tony Blair and Allan Snyder

Spectacular Events

Nelson Mandela led 50 champions from all walks of life at our unique event What Makes A Champion? on the eve of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Tony Blair opened the second forum, designated an official Olympic Cultural Event, at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.



Richard Branson presented the 2003 Fellow Address on ‘Creativity and Championship’.

The Dalai Lama engaged elite scientists at the exhilarating Mind Science 2002 Forum.

Field's Medallist Terry Tao and David Helfgott, immortalised in the movie Shine, joined a cast of extraordinary talent for our Geniuses, Prodigies and Savants event.

Allan Snyder, Prof Peter Baume and His Holiness The Dalai Lama


Global Impact

The Centre for the Mind is a powerful brand! We are featured in The New York Times, The Times of London, Financial Times, BBC, CNN, NBC, ABC (USA) and Discovery Channel.




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