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WMC Book

What Makes a Champion! book (Penguin Release)
What gives a great athlete, artist or scientist the ability to achieve extraordinary things? Is it sheer passion for what they do? Strength acquired through adversity? Can champions be crafted, or do they simply emerge through talent, personality and force of circumstances?

Nelson Mandela along with fifty champions from all walks of life, brought together by Professor Allan Snyder, draw on their own experiences to explore the secrets of success in this inspiring, revealing and thought-provoking collection.


GPS Book

Geniuses, Prodigies & Savants SOLD OUT
This publication from the Centre includes the transcripts and photos from the 1999 International event.

Read what the families, physicians, world experts and actual savants, geniuses and prodigies have to say on such topics as theraputic neurology, split-stream schooling and the role of intellect in our society.