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Recent Publications from the Centre

Brain stimulation enables the solution of an inherently difficult problem



Nature Scientific reports:

The Perceptual Cues that Reshape Expert Reasoning in the April 2012 issue of Nature Scientific Reports


Switching on Creativity, Scientific American Mind. Special Issue: Genius(Nov/Dec 2012 p58-62)

Tells how savants have inspired brain stimulation techniques to boost creative insight


Neuropsychology March 2011 cover

Noninvasive brain stimulation reduces prejudice scores on an impllicit association test
Neuropsychology, vol. 25, no. 2, 185-192 (2011), by J. Gallate, C. Wong, S. Ellwood, R. Chi, and A. Snyder.



PLoS One image

Facilitate insight by non-invasive brain stimulation
PLoS One 6(2) e16655, by R. Chi and A. Snyder.

  Brain Research, October 2010

Visual memory improved by non-invasive brain stimulation
Brain Research 1353 (2010) 168-175, by R. Chi, F. Fregni and A. Snyder.

Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B cover Explaining and inducing savant-like skills: privileged access to lower-level, less processed information
Creativity Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 364, 1399-1405 (2009), by A. Snyder.
  PLoS One Mar09 image Temporal lobe cortical electrical stimulation during the encoding and retrieval phase reducces false memories
PLoS One 4(3): e4959, by P.S. Boggio, F. Fregni, C. Valasek, S. Ellwood, R. Chi, J. Gallate, A. Pascual-Leone and A. Snyder.
CRJ cover

A semantic network approach to the Creativity Quotient (CQ)
Creativity Research Journal, 21 (1), 64-71, 2009, by T. Bossomaier, M. Harre, A. Knittel and A. Snyder.

  CRJ cover

The incubation effect: Hatching a solution?
Creativity Research Journal, 21 (1), 6-14, 2009, by S. Ellwood, G. Pallier, J. Gallate and A. Snyder.

Neuroscience Letters

Reducing false memories by magnetic pulse stimulation
Neuroscience Letters, 449 (2009) pp. 151-154, by J. Gallate, R. Chi, S. Ellwood and A. Snyder.

  PloS Biology

Are animals autistic savants?
PLoS Biology, 6(2): e42, 19 February 2008, by G. Vallortigara, A. Snyder, G. Kaplan, P. Bateson, N.S. Clayton and L.J. Rogers.


Comment on priming skills of autistic twins and Yamaguchi (2006) Letter to the Editor
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, vol. 37, no. 7, (2007) pp. 1398-1399, by Allan Snyder.

  JIN cover

Are angry male and female faces represented in opposite hemisphere of the female brain?
Journal of Integrative Neuroscience
, vol. 5, no. 2, (2006) pp. 187-197, by M. Brune, H. Bahramali, M Hennessy and A.Snyder.

Nature cover

Autistic genius?
, 1 April 2004, by Allan Snyder.

  Perception cover

Savant-like numerosity skills revealed in normal people by magnetic pulses
Perception, vol. 35, no. 6 (2006) pp. 837-845, by A. Snyder, H. Bahramali, T. Hawker and D.J. Mitchell.

Creativity Research Journal

The Creativity Quotient: An Objective Scoring of Ideational Fluency
Creativity Research Journal
, vol.16, no. 4, 2004 pp.415-420, by A. Snyder, J. Mitchell, T. Bossomaier and G. Pallier.

  Organised Sound

Absolute pitch accessible to everyone by turning off part of the brain?
Organised Sound, vol. 9, no. 2, August 2004 pp.181-189, by T. Bossomaier and A. Snyder.

Psych Review cover

Nonconscious idea generation
Psychological Reports, 94 (2004) pp.1325-1320 by A. Snyder, D.J. Mitchell, S. Ellwood and A. Yates.

  JIN cover

Concept formation: 'object' attributes dynamically inhibited from conscious awareness
Journal of Integrative Neuroscience, vol. 3, no. 1, (2004) pp. 31-46, by A.W. Snyder, T. Bossomaier and D.John Mitchell.

JIN cover

Savant-like skills exposed in normal people by supressing the left fronto-temporal lobe
Journal of Integrative Neuroscience
, vol. 2, no. 2, December 2003, by A.W. Snyder, E. Mulcahy, J.L. Taylor, D.J. Mitchell, P. Sachdev and S.C. Gandevia.


The Genius Within
The Australian
, Features page, 12 November 1999, by A.W. Snyder.


Mind your emotions
The Australian, Review of Books, 14 June 2000.


Is Integer Arithmetic Fundamental to Mental Processing?: The Mind's Secret Arithmetic
Proceedings of the Royal Society, London, B 266, 587-592 (1999), by Allan W. Snyder and D. John Mitchell.

Their Winning Ways

Their Winning Ways
The Weekend Australian
, Focus page, 8-9 April 2000, by A.W. Snyder.


Paradox of the savant mind
, vol. 413, pp.251-2 (2001). (PDF Format)

Game Mindset Match

Game, Mindset and Match
The Weekend Australian, Focus page, 4-5 December 1999, by A.W. Snyder.

  Borrowed and Beautiful

Borrowed and Beautiful
The Weekend Australian,
11-12 November, 2000.


Light Guiding Light
Optics and Photonics News
, February 1999, p35, by Allan W. Snyder and Francois Ladouceur.

  Great Minds Think Big

Great Minds Think Big
The Australian, 1 September 2000.

Olympics Review

Mind, Body, Performance
The International Olympic Committee's Olympic Review, June/July p71-74, (1999), by A.W. Snyder.

  Mind Your Language

Breaking Mindset
Mind and Language 13
, 1-10, (1997), by A.W. Snyder.

Science cover

Accessible Solitons
Science 276, 1538-1541 (6 June 1997), by Allan W. Snyder and D. John Mitchell.


Autistic Artists Give Clues to Cognition
Perception 26, 93-96, (1997) by A.W. Snyder and M. Thomas.





Shedding Light On Creativity
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine
26, 709-711 (1996), by A.W. Snyder.