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What is championship?

"Answer this question and we will have captured the crucial ingredient which lets the human spirit soar."

Professor Allan Snyder FRS
The Inaugural Edwin Flack Lecture
Sydney, 26 June 1998


Highlights from the book:

"It is easier to change the community in which we live. But what is more difficult is to change yourself."
Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa

On the eve of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games fifty champions from all walks of life were brought together by the Centre for the Mind to examine the qualities of a contemporary champion.

The result is What Makes a Champion! an inspirational, revealing and thought-provoking collection of insights on the essence of championship, from people who are champions themselves.

"I'm sure there is a champion mindset. I can perhaps describe it as a mindset that blots out all else apart from the goal at hand."
John Eales former Captain of the Wallabies

Fifty prominent contributors including Nelson Mandela, Sir Edmund Hillary, Anne Summers, Bryce Courtenay, Pat O'Shane, Poppy King and Prime Minister John Howard draw on their own experiences and observations and discuss the secrets of success.

"If I my husband had not been in prison, I would not have discovered my hidden strengths; they would have been forever hidden."
Corazon Aquino former President of the Philippines

From a wide range of perspectives they explore issues such as the importance of risk-taking, whether champions are born or made, the idea of a 'champion mindset', the importance of triumphing over adversity in forging a champion, the significance of vision, drive and talent, and the question 'Can anybody be a champion?'.

"In this book you will meet champions from all walks of life, people whose outlooks, ideologies and experiences are vastly different. But ... they are champions in their field there's someone in this book who will reach out to you. There's someone in this book to inspire you."
Professor Allan Snyder Director, Centre for the Mind

"Every step on the way to understanding just what makes a champion is a step towards a better future."
Professor Ian Chubb, Vice Chancellor Australian National University

"If you don't risk failure you will never succeed."
Anne Summers Writer